Dear Poor Girls,

This is a blog for you. Let me give you some information about myself:

I am NOT a professional crafter. I see crafts I like, I try them. I usually have to try them two or three times until I’m satisfied with the result (usually because the first time I don’t follow the directions since I like to think I can figure things out on my own…). I know little about sewing, and I’m too impatient to ever finish knitting a scarf. But regardless, I like crafts. Since, as I said, I’m impatient, the crafts I do are simple and relatively speedy. Also, since this, after all, called “poor girls’ crafts,” the crafts I make are cheap. Since my income is, well, nothing. I’m a high school senior and professional babysitter. However, babysitting jobs are sporadic, meaning most of the time I have about five dollars to my name.

If you’re new to crafts, then we’re in this together. I know nothing about serging, fancy stitches, expensive fabrics, or the million different kinds of Mod Podges (who knew there were so many?!). Together, we shall learn.

So please, join me on my exploration of the crafting world.



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2 responses to “Dear Poor Girls,

  1. That was fun to read, and I can totally relate. :) I remember the days of being a “professional babysitter”. Heck, I am still a “professional babysitter” with sporadical gigs, on top of my part-time job as a librarian and my part-time job as a college student (which cancels out my part-time job as a librarian, financially anyway). I usually end up with about $5 to my name as well. :P

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