Long time no post

Hello! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday :) I’ve enjoyed my break very much, and I can’t believe it’s all coming to end so soon. My days have been filled with morning Starbucks dates, crafts, and entirely too much junk food. I’ve been insanely busy (hence the lack of posts). I have, however, been working on  a fun project inspired by New Dress A Day. No, I’m not going to be transforming a dress a day, that’s a bit too big of a project to take on for me! However, I found this dress at Goodwill early last week, and saw a lot of potential…

Peach sherbet and white stripes with a navy blue collar.

I wanted to emphasize the unflattering point at which the dress hit my waist… eek.

So, stay tuned for the, “after” of this dress. I promise, it’ll be worth it… I hope!

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