Five, Six, Seven

Today was such a Monday. Here in Seattle, the weather was positively dreary, and that was very clear in the mood at school. Even my teachers seemed to be absolutely lazy, as we watched movies in half of my classes (not exaggerating). Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to coming home, grabbing one of the homemade chocolate chip cookies my mother made yesterday, a glass of milk, and sit down to the paper craft explosion that is currently engulfing half of the floor in my living room. Of course the mess is well worth it, and I had LOTS of cards (well, three) to make since I slacked over the weekend!

But I digress, how about I show you the cards!

{ Click for larger image }

2/5 – Purple Ribbon Heart. I was thinking earlier today, why do all my cards have to be pink and red?! They don’t! So, this was me thinking outside of the box. Of course, you could do it in any color. I made a  Heart Template for you that is a replica of the one I use for all my heart-shaped crafts as of late.

What I did was cut out the heart (using the outer heart on the template), and then hole punched around the outside, doing an extra hole on one side. I did this so that when I wove the ribbon through, they came out of the same hole so I could tie the lovely bow! Then I stamped the “XO” in silver.

2/6 – Aren’t Shoe Lovely? Card. I had lots of fun shoe stamps, and stamped them on the white paper in red and pink ink. I glued on the pink piece of paper, then cut out my shoes and arranged them around the “Sole Mates!” stamp that I mounted onto red paper.

2/7 – Heart Garland. Another idea borrowed from Martha :) This one is found here. I love the way they link together, it reminds me of those rings that magicians use and they “magically” connect and disconnect. I hope you know what I’m talking about, otherwise I sound crazy… Anyways, I only did three, just so you got an idea. You could use any color combination you want, this one just felt so classically Valentine’s Day to me. The garland isn’t a card in the traditional sense, however, you could write sweet little sayings or a little note along the edges and give it to your special someone!


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2 responses to “Five, Six, Seven

  1. You are seriously adorable. I love your blog.

    P.S. Did you enjoy the snow we’ve been having the past couple of days? :)

  2. Oh thank you!! I love yours as well :)
    And I know! How crazy is this snow?! My mom had to come pick me up at the airport when it was just dumping the other night! On the way home, there were cars all over the place… it was insane!

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