H is for Hairstyles

With spring rapidly approaching, I’m getting eager for changes: warmer weather, cherry blossom trees bursting with flowers, and sandals instead of Ugg boots. One thing though that hasn’t changed in many seasons is my hair. I’ve been letting it grow out since summer 2009 and this is the longest that I have ever gone without a drastic change. This is odd for me because for years I went through a cycle of growing out my hair, and cutting it, growing it out, and cutting it. However, after the second time of cutting it super-short and immediately being envious of my long-locked friends I committed to myself that no matter how much I wanted to cut it, I wouldn’t. I’ve kept this promise to myself… so far. I’m thinking sometime in the fall I may cut it and donate it.
But I digress, season after season of long hair has left me in a style rut. I’m sick of alternating between hair down, hair half up, and ponytail. I have recently come up with a few styles for spring that I am excited to share with you…

{Side-Swept Braid}

For years I had bangs that swept from the left side of my face to the right, during the summer I let them grow up, and spare one time my frustration got the best of me, I have kept them long. However, when I’m not wearing a headband, they get sort of awkward and just… hang there. So I came up with this super easy hairstyle (I can do it sitting in class… well not the hairspray part).

1) Grab a few bobby pins (I used three – it all depends on your hair type), hairspray, and a hair tie. Start with straight hair, down

2) Start with three strands at your part. Begin braiding down the edge of your scalp, braiding in pieces of hair from that side (I only French braided hair in from that side, not the other)

3) Continue this pattern of braiding until you reach behind your ear

4) Secure with bobby pins at the end of the braid behind your ear, and bring the rest of your hair around to make a low, side ponytail. Then add bobby pins along your braid anywhere it seems loose or you have flyaway hairs

5) Lightly hairspray all over… or a lot if you have hair like mine that refuses to hold any style you attempt

5) Ta-da!

There’s tons of variations on this style… you can make the low ponytail into a low bun, you can braid the hair towards the back of your head & then secure a high ponytail or bun, or you could do a similar braid going off of the other side of your part to have a lovely crown of braids!

{Not-So-Granny Bun}

I sort of love all of the granny florals and lace that’s in style for spring. This hairstyle is the perfect way to top off your floral dress and sandals look.

1) Start with a high ponytail. You’ll need some bobby pins for this one also

2) Split it in two, you’re going to braid each individually

3) Choose one of the halves of your ponytail to start with. Braid from hair tie to end, making sure its very tight!

4) Then take the braid and wrap around the base of the ponytail. Secure by tucking the end under the hair tie (you can add bobby pins for extra hold, if you’d like). It will look something like this…


5) Braid other side, making sure to start as close to the base of the ponytail as possible.

6) After you wrap the braid second braid around the first one, secure with your bobby pins & hairspray. Then you have your final product!

My camera’s battery ran out before I could get one with a headband on, so I had to do one with my crappy webcam…

{Not-So-Granny Bun with lace headband}

So… get styling! :)

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