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One-Yard Wonders

Betcha thought I forgot about my book reviews! But don’t worry, I didn’t!

One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins is the book I’m highlighting today. This book was the third of the three craft books I received for Christmas, and by far my favorite.

{ Image from Barnes & Noble }

It opens up Sewing Fundamentals. They let you know the 25 Equipment Must-Haves, and then go on to explain the basics about fabrics, how to use patterns, sewing terminology, key techniques, and tons of tips on how to make your homemade project look professional.

After that first chapter, we jump right in to projects. The following ten chapters are filled with amazing projects in mouth-watering fabrics. They start with projects to do around the home, if you’re looking to get organized – then this chapter is for you. The third chapter is jam-packed with aprons and other helpful, household accessories. Craft organization comes next, and in the fifth chapter we find ourselves with a plethora of crafts for the girl on the go. The sixth chapter is devoted to clothes and accessories, and the seventh to different bags. Chapters eight to ten has tons of things to sew for children. Finally, the book closes with crafts for, “Your Furry Friends.”

This book has some amazing features, along with the incredible crafts. Each craft has a photograph and diagrams to help you as you go through the instructions. There is a detailed materials list, including what kind of fabric works best. They let you know the finished dimensions, as well as how much seam allowance you need to leave. The book comes with the patterns you need for all the crafts – which is pretty cool. The only part about that, is the patterns are hard to fold back up exactly how they had them before, and then fit them into the envelope they came in.

However, the best part is that everything is made with just one yard, or less! In fact, when I made the Not-Ugly Car Trash bag a few weeks back, I had tons of fabric left over! How great is that? In fact, I think I’ll probably take some old clothes and use the fabric from them to do the crafts. (Upcycling, whoot whoot!)

If you love a good deal and easy-to-sew crafts, then this one’s definitely for you.

This book retails for $22.95, but there are tons of awesome deals out there…

Barnes & Noble – $13.31 online

42% off the list price! They do have them starting at $12.90 used, but since it does include patterns, I wouldn’t suggest second-hand.

Amazon – $13.04

27 cents cheaper than B&N. You save 43% here, ooooh.

Target – $17.21

25% off the list price. Once again, looks like B&N or Amazon are your best bets.

For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.

1 Corinthians 5:14 & 15


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Tres, Tres, Chic

Does anyone else know that song? It’s Mocean Worker, I first heard it in The Devil Wears Prada (one of my favorite movies – I LOVE Stanley Tucci!).

Anyways, sorry for the lack of posting! I’ve had a super-hectic week with some family stuff and then trying to get in all of my college applications! However, I am back today, with number two of my B200 (b-two-double-o has a nice ring to it, I do believe).

Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes

This is the second of three craft books I received for Christmas. It’s sewing projects are exactly as described in the title. Lots of breezy dresses and simple tops. This book opens up with a section called “Learning the Basics.” There is detailed paragraphs explaining the use of different tools and materials you’ll need to have a successful sewing experience. A brief section on patterns is followed by how to work with fabrics. After, “Learning the Basics,” comes, “Finding Your Style.” Here explains a little more about different fabric types and patterns, as well as how to attach decorative items to the garments you create (trims, buttons, hooks, buckles and loops – to name a few). The last section before the projects is, “Basic Techniques.” It explains how to work with a curved edge, seams, gathering, hems, as well as different ways to attach a button and how to make, and apply, bias tape.

Chapter two is where the actual crafting begins. The book’s projects are divided by season. We open with Spring, which has an even mix of dresses and tops; then move into Summer, where short, flirty garments are in abundance; after, we’re shown how to make lots of skirts and dresses in the Fall, and end with Winter, where there are lots of dresses guaranteed to need to have a jacket thrown over for warmth. Each garment includes step-by-step instructions, as well as several pictures to depict what is being explained. There’s always a lovely photo, and the author’s suggestion for what kind of fabric to use. Also, it lets you know how much fabric, width of the seam allowance, and what techniques you’ll need to know.

My favorite part of the book is the patterns included. It is extremely helpful, especially considering the level of difficulty that some of the projects are. The book ranks each project from a one to five on a difficulty scale, which is something else I really like.

If you’re style tends to lean more to the simple side (as mine often does), then this one is for you.

The book retails for $27.50 (a little expensive, yes – but remember: you get the patterns included!). So here’s the deals:

Barnes & Noble – $17.62 online

You save 35%, plus 10% if you’re a member! Also, they’re running a deal where if you spend over $25, you get free shipping! So maybe get this one AND Little Green Dresses, then there ya go, no shipping!

They also offer new starting at around $16, and used at about $14

Amazon – $17.62

Exactly the same price as B&N. They’re saying you save 36% (just a rounding difference, I assume) and they have new and used, both starting at around$14.

Target – $23.37

Eh, nothing special here. It’s looking like B&N is your best bet!


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This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time, but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel

2 Timothy 1: 9 & 10

(Image courtesy of Barnes and Noble)

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Books To Obsess Over, #1

Hi, I’m Elizabeth, and I’m addicted to books. There, I said it. My love affair with books began at the tender age of three, when I would listen to them on my Walkman (I would then claim to be able to read a book, when in actuality, I had only memorized it). I would read every book I was able to get my hands on and my reading level was above my class’ average. When I am reading a good novel, I am engulfed by it. Everything around me dissolves and my thoughts become entwined with those of the character (on occasion, I am so involved in a book, I find myself doing the action the author is describing – “she pursed her lips,” for example).

So it really comes as no surprise to me, or to anyone that knows me, that my love of books and love of crafts collide into what has become my new favorite section at Barnes & Noble: Crafts. I could walk there with my eyes closed. I get a bit giddy when I see the green rectangle sign with the crisp white lettering.  The section is tucked away in the back corner of the store, and I could spend hours there, sprawled across the aisle, reading book after book. Luckily – with a little help from my Amazon wish list – I was able to receive for Christmas some of the ones I found most intriguing. So, now I begin a new category, titled, “B2OO,” (B-2-double o if you want a cute name for it). It shall be devoted to all the glorious crafting books out there that I own, or that I desire to. We’ll begin with…

Little Green Dresses – Tina Sparkles

This book, as the subtitle details, has fifty different ways to repurose something old (they use everything from sheets to Hawaiian print shirts) into something new. It’s a book for those of you who are as intrigued by the New Dress A Day blog as I am (I mentioned it here). It opens with easy-to-understand explanations of the techniques that you’ll need to know to be able to create the patterns described. Chapter two is devoted to use and make the patterns. Chapter three is where the fun begins. There are six chapters in all, and chapters three through six breaks up the projects by garment type: tops, skirts, dresses, and bottoms & rompers. All of the projects are gorgeous and include detailed instructions with lots of pictures as well as fun ideas to, “mix it up!” If you love turning something old into something new (I do, as seen here with my ongoing dress project and here with the baby skirt), then this is certainly the book for you.

Interested in this book? It retails at $22.95. I’ve taken the liberty to find you the best prices out there from the most reliable sources (we are Poor Girls after all, and I know you love a bargain as much as I do!):

Barnes & Noble

Save 25% if you purchase online and 10% if you’re a member (SO worth it if you frequently buy books!). They also offer new and used starting at around fifteen dollars.


At $15.61, you save 32% – sounds pretty good to me!


Not as great of a bargain as Amazon at $16.45. However, you’re still saving 28% and with Target, you don’t have to order it online – you can march yourself down to your local one and not have to pay shipping for it (although when you consider how much gas costs… but that’s another story).

Well, this was quite a novel of a post. However, I hope you enjoyed it and that you buy this book and love it as much as me! I’m sure you’ll be seeing me post more about it as I craft from it.

(Image courtesy of Barnes & Noble)

But let all who take refuge in you rejoice;

let them ever sing for joy,

and spread your protection over them,

that those who love your name may exult you.

Psalm 5:11

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